Saturday, March 29, 2014

Good Bye Abby, Its time for a Martini.

 About 15 years ago, Andrew's mother, Mary, and uncle, Harold, decided to hike the Appalatian Trail.  The thought of this enamored his mind.  One of the things his parents have always maintained is that you can do anything you put your mind to.  He found this lesson to be mostly trew in life.  (Time being the largest killer to the rule) So while mom was some where between George and Maine He decided to start a bucket list. The first thing on that list was to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.   At this point in his life he had only sailed once before but at age 25 felt like he had plenty of time to learn.  Fast forward 13 years. He gets a unique opportunity to go sailing with his friend Ernesto down the Hudson River through downtown NYC in his 34 foot Catalana it was an amazing day.  He realized it's time.  Buying a boat (much like buying your first house) the things you think are important complete change once you own it and sail it.  Flipping many houses we new this going in.  Our goal, to get as close to the boat that thought we needed and to get in and get going.  Then if we like it and were sticking with it trade in or up to a boat that meets our experiance based "needs".  With this 2 step process in mind we decided to name her Abby Singer.  Are you confused?  I'll explain.  Its rooted in the motion picture business and untill yesterday there was an Assistant Director (AD) named Abby Singer.  The AD is the  one that keeps you on scheduling gingely finessing the director and schedule to attempt to stay on time and therefor on budget.   Abby was probably pretty good at it, after all his name is mentioned on every major set to this day.  Why you ask?  He  had a system for calling out to the crew when production was getting close to the last take of the day.  He would say. "OK guys we got this take  and one more".  And so it became known that the second to the last take became, the "Abby Singer" only to be followed up by the more well know, Martini (the last take).   At this point the Director or his designee calls out "that's a wrap"  and we all pack up go home, enjoy libations and do it again the next day.   So this is why Our lovely 1982 37' Irwin is named Abby Singer.  Cause we Got "this one and one more."  And NO the last boat won't be named "The Martini" cause that's just too cliché.  It's gonna be "That's a wrap".  Cause that's one hell of a metaphor. 
Click the link to read more about Abby Singer his life and contributions to the film industry.