Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This is our 3rd night ever out on the hook.  We left our "home" slip in Arlington, headed south up the river and stopped for dinner @ The Landing.  After dinner, we headed further north and dropped anchor downtown, next to Baptist Hospital.  To make sure we wouldn't drag, we backed down hard on the anchor, setting her deep in the sandy mud bottom.  Then we launched the application "Drag Queen" this one 

NOT this one

 on my my cell, to mark our position and set the alarm on the app to notify us incase we drag anchor.  This time we took caution to set the GPS mark as close to the anchor as possible, hoping to avoid false alarms like we have had on every other previous night @ anchor.  We hung out in the cockpit till about 1am, enjoying the peace and quiet of Abby in contrast to the buzz of the city surroundings, then headed off to bed.  Around 2am the anchor alarm went off.  I jumped up, only to find that the current had switched directions .  The hook had done it's job and turned with us and reset with minimal dragging.  I probably needed to loosen the alarm parameters but we were tucked between 2 bridges and land, all 150 yards away and I wanted as much warning as possible if a problem arose.  So I reset the ancor alarm and went back to bed.  I like this app drag queen.  It's pretty useful.  It's on my cell which I have to charge at night anyway and it keeps us from using power hungry devices all night. 

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