Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's time for Brain Surgery.

Many people wish for toys for Christmas, we wished for a new Brain 4 Abby. Her old brain had put up a good fight but was showing the signs of 32 years of wear, it was time for a transplant.
Every time we turned something on or off, we held our breath hoping nothing would short or catch fire. On her voyage home the breaker continually tripped any time te tried to use the ac. We knew this transplant was an upgrade that we would eventually have to do and felt confident we could do it once we had some miles under our keel and time to sort out and understand the electrical systems.  Not something we wanted attempt right out the gate, ironically this was the first project we ended up taking on; after all, open fires and boats don't go well together. 

There's more to this story in the next entry "Prepping the O.R."

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