Monday, February 22, 2016

8. Work Hard, Play Hard

Just like the title says, it has been a week full of lots of hard work paired with some great times spent with friends.    
Upon our return to Abby we helped our friends aboard Soul Serenade shove off.  
Andrew & Jimmy have been long time Facebook friends but this was the first time we have meet.  We enjoyed comparing boats and refit stories, as we have similar models from the same maker and enjoyed some time out getting to know each other.  It is funny when you recognize the boat name before the people aboard :)

We re-categorize our “to do” list daily.  What absolutely must be done before leaving the states and what used to seem really important but now we no longer care if it ever gets done :)  When you are planning to leave the country for a very long time, there are so many things to do in preparation that you maybe wouldn’t do if it were just a short trip.  Spares need to be ordered and then stowed (when I’ve already filled most available spaces), the rig needs to be checked, all the little items that you put off- well it’s now time to do them because you won't have the convenience of a parts store or Walmart handy.  All the provisioning, I know people eat everywhere, but those items that you use daily and can’t be without, time to stock up.  Even the simple things like porting your cell number or making sure the mail is forwarded properly and making sure the banks know you are traveling because you won't be able to respond to their text message when they think there is fraud because your card was used in Chub Cay.  
My family thinks we’ve already left the country because I don’t even take a moment to call my momma!  But the peace of mind that we are gaining by not being rushed and tying up the loose ends is priceless.  
Here are a few of the views from this week.
Andrew took a ride up the mast to reinstall the wind instrument that an osprey thought looked like great nesting material.
Then worked on his yoga stretches while tweaking the storage in the aft lazerette.
We modified our new anchor roller for a custom fit.
    Out with the old, in with the new.
I thought I could be helpful with the new transmission install and oil change but clearly came out with more than I put in.
Not to mention trying to find homes for everything we brought back with us!

It wasn’t all work and no play.  
This marina is home to some great company and we have spent many hours getting to know our dock mates.  
The girls help by walking the new puppies while Matt & Bonnie are away at work.  And we’ve had some great get-togethers on our and other boats.
    About to try our first vegimite sandwich.
This weekend hosted a great farmers’ market where we enjoyed our first coconut water straight from the coconut.  And stocked up on some fresh produce which we promptly turned into cocktails.  
     Dad H- look at that olive bar.

One of the most used items I brought onboard, in my galley (kitchen), are these silicone lids my siste-in-law, Samantha, got for me.  I used them a bit at home but they have really earned their place on the boat.  I have no other lids, just these two sizes that fit everything from my smallest frying pan to my big sauté pan or even laying flat on the skillet if I’m warming something.  I even throw the big one in the bottom of the sink when I want my dish water to stay long enough to get the dishes done.  When I was thinking how thankful I was for these simple little tools, I was also reminded of the quilts Samantha made for each of us girls, specific to our favorite colors and personalities.  We use them often, as a lap cover when we are cold while sailing, an extra layer on our beds or as our picnic blanket when we do school on the lawn.  They were made with boat life in mind, such sweet and versatile gifts.  
And all week long we have been enjoying the home brewed beers Andrew’s brother, Richard, sent with us.  It was hard to share, but they have been a crowd favorite!  
So thanks, you two, for your perfect boat gifts.  We love you and can't wait to have you visit us on some tropical island!

Things learned this week:
Community.  We get so busy in our everyday life that we overlook the importance of community and thinking of something other than yourself.  We had a perfect stranger a few boats down who had made too much for dinner.  She heard us and our friends hanging on our boat and brought it to us for no other reason than she didn’t want it to go to waste and thought we might enjoy it.  That small gesture made such an impression on me.  It is hard to find time among the appointments and practices and daily grind to find time to engage in someone else’s life and allow them in yours, but when you can make others a priority you will find the reward is great.
Finding the balance.  We have been pushing so hard to make this dream come true, as do many in their own lives.  Sometimes we need to realize that it’s okay to clock out a little early if a friend stopped by to chat, even if it means a project is left undone.  And who cares if the dishes aren't done if I got to sit and hold my babies under the moon.  Hard work is necessary if you want to accomplish a goal but don't forget to enjoy the journey.
Not sure what to expect this week but stick around to see what pops up.

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  1. Thank you so much for the props and love. We miss you all bunches, but look forward to new adventures with you on the boat and to being able to just sit back and enjoy the view! Love