Sunday, April 17, 2016

16. Vacation Week in Turks & Caicos

When we docked here last Saturday, I never expected to be so lucky as to spend a week in this beautiful resort, with these views to die for, hanging with friends that keep smiles on our faces!  
It has been vacation week for the Abby Singer crew and it has been amazing!  

We straight away started the adventure by renting a car and going exploring with Dean & Kim (Dream Catcher crew).  
    How do you fit 6 bodies in a Honda Fit?!
We did a few errands and found an great, off-the-beaten-path, Mexican Restaraunt, Mis Amigos.  
We met the amazing owner, Tina, and heard her family stories of their years at sea.
    Trophy Black Marlin horn landed by Tina’s father.

We were totally surprised by MikBeth arriving at Blue Haven Marina a few days in.  The girls were even more ecstatic to have some partners in crime to roam the resort with.  They’ve spent every moment of everyday together :)

We even got to enjoy the weekly fish fry.  
Great food.
Local merchants.
Live music.
All wrapped up with the always fun Junkanoo!
These locals really know how to party!

Even though we’ve had a massive amount of recooperation, we’ve also accomplished a lot in preparation for our next big crossing.  Andrew fixed the leak in one of the water tanks.
Filled all our water & fuel tanks and cleaned the decks.
I spent my mornings prepping meals and snacks and getting the cabin better ready for our passage.  
It doesn't sound like much but took the better part of 4 mornings with runs to the market, making salsa, tuna, and omelette bags, along with portion packing cheese slices, rearranging the fridge & freezer and packing up the loose canons that are first to dislodge when we heel in good wind :)

We just enjoyed a magical last day here in Provodenciales, TCI.  We snorkeled the Coral Gardens.  
We saw tons of parrot fish, various angel fish, rays & 2 sea turtles.  We spent a few hours on the reef before enjoying lunch at a highly recommended beach dive, Somewhere.

We are now as prepped and ready as we will ever be, getting ready to shove off heading for Puerto Rico.  We will take all the prayers we can get as we will be doubling our last and longest passage :)

Thing learned aboard this week:
Sometimes a forced vacation is just what you need!  So blessed to spend the extra days waiting for the weather window in such an amazing place.  The belongers (locals) are so friendly, the food is amazing and our company couldn't have been better :)
The unknown is scary but exciting!  Even though the prep for this next passage is important, the attitude going into it is what will make the most difference, I think.  Instead of letting the change of plans happen to me and responding, I'm hoping that having an improved perspective will be a good influence on everyone aboard.  
You will have to wait until next week to see if it worked ;)
    Photo by Paige - finding beauty in the small things.


  1. Loved the update, getting every detail, learning about your experiences! Safe travels as you start this next leg of your journey! Love and blessings to all!

  2. Praying for you during this next passage. So proud of you guys and love reading the vicariously. God speed!

  3. To the Howell's. Met you all at the Fish Fry last Thursday. Also met Andrew at Blue Haven before a group sunset tour. Sorry we did not make it to the Abby Singer after the tour. Your story is certainly and adventurous one and I will certainly will enjoy the updates.